Manuscripts on the Construction of Curves and Equations

Giovanni Poleni, Epistolarum mathematicarum fasciculus, Ioannis Poleni ad virum celeberrimum Hermannum, epistola.

In this section, we present a number of manuscripts that Leibniz devoted to the construction of curves, both algebraic and transcendental. This was an important area of research for Leibniz, as proven by numerous manuscripts in which he sought new methods to trace curves by a single continuous motion. Our research aims to reconstruct, in particular, Leibniz’s work on curves described by tractional motion, namely the motion of a string or a chain dragging a heavy body. This motion played a significant role in the geometrical foundations of calculus.

[LH 35 XIII 2a Bl. 122] De Curva Perraltii : Overview  | Transcription | See Original

[LH 35 XIII 2a Bl. 98] De tractrice : Overview  | Transcription | See Original

[LH 35 VI 1 Bl. 11] Nova ratio construendi lineas differentialiter datas, per motum : Overview | Transcription | See Original

[LH 35 III A 20 Bl. 1-5] Constructor : Overview | Transcription | See Original